“Put the friggin’ camera down!”

Highway north of Whitehorse, mountain, forest,
Alaskan Highway, Yukon

Three cheers for the Yukon! This is on the Alaskan highway going north from Whitehorse. My aunt repeatedly yelled at me to put the camera down but I just couldn’t, that whole territory is breathtakingly gorgeous.

The song is A Million Years by Alexander. He’s the lead singer from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Ima Robot. I feel like ‘Alexander’ is one of the most un-google-able artist names out there. You pretty much have to know that he’s from these two other bands and search him through them because no combination of search terms ie. ‘Alexander’, ‘Alexander+band’ ‘Alexander+singer’ ‘+artist’ ‘+discography’ ‘+lyrics’ ‘+tour’ ‘+album’ are going to yield the desired results. It also doesn’t help that his album is also called ‘Alexander.’ Although, with band names like ‘Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ and ‘Ima Robot,’ I can’t help but think that the simplicity was intentional. These crazy artists…

Did you know that ‘google’ is a misspelling of googol? A googol is 10100 or 10 duotrigintillion. I read this in a Telegraph article a couple months ago, it had some other intriguing internet facts: Qi: Quite interesting facts about the Internet.

Got to run. Off to do a radio show.

A Million Years by Alexander


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