Out With the Old

Close up large pink flower

This beauty was waiting for me by the staircase to my apartment. I’m a big fan. You can’t really tell from the photo, but this mama is huge. Probably about 30cm wide- pretty big for the urban jungle.

I thought I’d follow up yesterday’s super sombre post with a super jubilant one. I especially feel this song is apt as this is my first post from my brand… new… computer! Woot! This baby allows me to open iTunes and iPhoto at the same time. The world is my oyster.

And for those of you who like online interactive artsy things, I’ve recently become obsessed with: weavesilk.com. You’ll experience the same sort of awe you got when you first saw the old school pipe-screen saver or realized that iTunes has an audio “visualizer.” So please, do yourself a favour and get on that.

Out With the Old by Casa Di Mondo

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