“We are Stars and so are you”

I loved them when I was 14 and I love them now. The band Stars are Montreal legends.

It has become tradition that, every autumn, the lovely Ms. GB and I attend a Stars concert in the fabulous city that both we and the band calls home. Sadly, my bestie and I are parted at the moment, but I was fortunate enough to be asked by another stellar individual to go to a free Mother Mother and Stars concert organized by the Concordia University Student Union as a part of their first year orientation… despite the fact that I am no longer a student, let alone a first year, and have never set a foot inside a Concordia building.

Stars concerts are always a very personal experience for me, so instead of delving into a paragraph of off-putting sentimental drivel, I’m just going to play the damn song.

For those of you who know Stars, this won’t be a shocker for you. It is, arguably, their most well-known. It also happens to be the most played song on my itunes. I’ve listened to it hundreds of times, I never skip over it when it comes on, and it still hasn’t lost it’s wonder. For those of you who don’t know it, maybe it’ll make Stars lovers out of you too. Enjoy.

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead by Stars

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