Lazy Tuesday

Today is one of those rare and strange days with absolutely no commitments. Made even more odd because it’s a Tuesday.

You know how people like to find celebrity lookalikes for themselves and their friends? Yes? No? Just the foolish people I know? For whatever reason, my friends are always at a loss when it comes to me and can never think of anyone. EXCEPT this one time a girl told me I look like Ingrid Michaelson. I think it’s the glasses. Anyway, that most likely didn’t need sharing.

My favourite Ingrid Michaelson song is probably “You and I,” which I would have embedded except it’s now used for a Nivea body lotion commercial and I fear overplay. Interestingly enough, “You and I” is also the title to my favourite Michael Bublé song and my favourite Lady Gaga song…. Okay, maybe I’m using the word ‘interesting’ too liberally.

Ingrid’s songs are usual soft and adorable. This is no exception.

Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson

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