“What’s your fish problem?”

Bird's eye view of fish and fishbowl, pink

Last weekend, for Thanksgiving, both my brother and I went home for some family-turkey-time. The bro was even kind enough to swing by the airport to pick me up during his three hour drive north from his university. We’re home for maybe five minutes when this conversation transpired:

Mom – Did you remember to unplug everything and close the house?
Brother – yes, Mom.
Mom – Where’s the fish?
Brother – ……..oooooh no.
Mom – You didn’t!?
Brother – Well…. that solves my fish problem.
Me – What’s your fish problem?
Brother – Having a fish!

Maybe it was only funny to us…. and perhaps morbidly so, but for all you concerned, the fish, named Abed, survived the long weekend. This is a photo taken of Abed last Christmas. He outlived his companion Troy, and has apparently shed his scales and is now very gold. Abed is full of tricks.

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it a stressful time of year. This song is for all you working away, whether it be on midterms, work, personal stuff- remember to take a (seaweed-)leaf out of Abed and Dori’s book and ‘just keep swimming!’

Don’t Stop by Gin Wigmore


  1. This blog always picks me up. I love it. You are brilliant and an amazing photographer. “What’s your fish problem” made me smile while working away at my pile of theory assignments. It was perfect. THANK YOU! xo

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