Happy 90s Halloween

Carved pumpkins, wolf, jack-o-latern, Liverpool, LFC

My close friends would be able to tell you that Halloween is not a favourite holiday of mine. Halloween was so much better in the 90s when I was a kid. The costume barely mattered because you had to put a coat on anyway and you got to run around your neighbourhood with friends getting candy. As an added bonus, I grew up in a small town, so every time my friends and I went to a house that we knew (which was about every third one) we’d be rewarded with an ultimate payout: goodie bags, homemade fudge, and regular sized chocolate bars- oh yes.

To match my 90s nostalgia, I’m embedding Sugar Ray’s cover of the Steve Miller Band song “Abracadabra.” This song bewitched my little heart when I was nine as it belonged on the timeless Sabrina the Teenage Witch Soundtrack. It played alongside other 90s jewels like the Spice Girls’ “Walk of Life,” The Backstreet Boys’ “Hey, Mr. DJ (Keep Playin’ This Song) and 5ive’s poetic “Slam Dunk (Da Funk).”

One listen to the song and I know what you’ll be wondering:
“Victoria, did you choreograph a dance to ‘Abracadabra’?”
– Naturally, yes.
“Did you force your younger brother to dance with you?”

The show was a runaway hit and we even went on tour. It was a two-stop tour. We opened in our family room and closed in the neighbour’s. We brought down both houses. If you know my brother and he denies this ever occurring, know that he is a big liar. It happened.  …but he was young, and I did force him.

To take you back to a better Halloween time, here is Sugar Ray with “Abracadabra”


  1. Liane

    No word of a lie, I watched the “Man-dough” episode of Sabrina (“Dream Date”) this weekend–Oh, Brian Austin Green…what a good lookin’ fella.

    ALSO, did you know HARVEY CAN DANCE?! Check it out.

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