Street lights through snow

Two nights ago I was reunited with my girls Lex and ST in Ottawa. These two girls are the reason I got through university with most of my sanity intact. We all took some variation of the same degrees: History, Political Science, Humanistic Studies, Art History, Religion, so we always found fantastic courses and took at least one of them together each semester. These girls and I share very specific knowledge on a range of subjects. Yeah… it’s pretty cool.

Anyway, we met in Ottawa to celebrate Lex’s birthday. We had a very classy and fantastic dinner (gorgonzola, fig, prosciutto and pine nut pizza anyone?) during which there were many classic Lex-ST arguments; at one point Lex threatened to speak with slowly increasing volume and ST responded by claiming she would only answer in clichés- but then failed to think of any. We were walking home (after a hilarious, but decidedly unshared, incident which included a homeless man and our waiter chasing us down the street)  when it started to “pretty snow.” You know when the snowflakes are in small clumps and they just float gently to the ground? Do you get what I mean? It’s perfect for trying to catch them on your tongue, which is what we, three 23-year-olds did while walking along the streets of Ottawa. Although the photograph makes it seem much more violent, this was taken on this night.

This song played during my 12 hour shift last night and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head all day. Some of you will undoubtably be familiar with it, it came out earlier this year.


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