Sweater Weather

Stack of sweaters

Well it’s happened. The temperature has dropped, the leaves are falling, decorative gourds line entrances to grocery stores and I’ve been consuming pumpkin-flavoured treats with gusto.

I spent a good couple hours today unpacking my sweaters and sorting through my summer things. Keep, donate, discard- I have packrat tendencies so the vast majority of my attire fell into the first category. I’m so bad that I’ve even developed a clothing “limbo” tote where I keep the clothes I’m borderline about. Every few months I go through it and give more away. I am getting better at it… I think…

The band is The Neighbourhood and they’re one to watch out for. Brand new but moving quickly, they released their first EP in May and are already the opening act for some The Temper Trap shows in the States. I’m digging the quick lines and the over arching musical shapes.  They’ve got an indie inclination with an urban vibe. Many have been comparing them to Foster the People for their genre-mixing mastery.

What do you think?

“Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood




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