Hometown, Snowbound

close up ice covered twig, icicle

Ice around twig, ice crystals, close up, leaves, snow

Winter has arrived to my neck of the literal woods. I’ve been away for a few days and I returned to find the green and brown landscape thickly blanketed in white. For some reason, the arrival of snow every year brings about a seasonal change in my taste of music. Like switching from rosé to red wine, my music preferences become a lot heavier. My appreciation grows for a strong, honest voice and beautiful, heavy orchestration. Out with the easygoing troubadours and in with the soulful divas and divos!

Pappleby introduced me to this Canadian, London-based singer a couple days ago. I listened to her all day. Her whole album creates this spell-bounding velvety, dark, gospel sound. She would pair nicely with a well-bodied red and a warm fire.

“Winter Solstice” by Cold Specks


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