Beats on Repeat


BeatsOnRepeat by SS&NDWe’re branching into something a little different at Snapshots and Needle Drops today. Beats on Repeat will be the periodic (re: whenever I feel like it) publication of my weekly musical obsessions. These are songs that I just can’t stop hitting replay on; the tracks I can’t get out of my head and, for whatever reason, will not get a Doodledrop of their own.

Beats on Repeat will be featured pretty much solely on Snapshots and Needle Drops’ facebook page. So get on it.

This week’s picks:

1. “Take Me to Chruch”by Hozier

  • Seriously, what is up, people? I shared this track in March and it went underwhelmingly under the radar. It is probably my favourite find of 2014 so far. Blast it through your headphones. Magnificent.


2. “This Head I Hold” (Rudi Zygadlo remix) by Electric Guest

  • I shared the original of this tune back in April (Paris, 2am). The remix has a little something extra…


3. “Like I Can” by Sam Smith

  • Another previously shared artist. This feature could just as easily have been any of his other tracks, but this one happens to start off my current running playlist.
  • It’s still hard to find good versions of his non-singles online, here’s the best option:



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