Go. Stop.

All dressed up with somewhere to go. I’m sitting here writing this blog entry in a new dress, hair done and make up on, while my dinner companions are stuck in traffic, presumably staring at the clock and counting down the now 9 minutes we have to make our reservation. I was restless for twenty minutes waiting until I decided to stop and be productive.

I felt awful in that “running to stand still” feeling, but it made me think of this shot; and although old school U2 is awesome and could potentially fit with this photo, I wanted to share a new song Not Sold by Young Brother. This is the type of music I like to listen to when walking at night. It’s exactly the type of stuff that music supervisors might play to nighttime establishing shots of cities. See it?

Not Sold by Young Brother

Update: reservation officially missed. Changed into shorts. There’s discussion of pizza.

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