Temporary Fix

Today I was attacked.

Once upon a time, and by that I mean a couple hours ago, this damsel was battling her way back to her Air Conditioning-less fortress. Five minutes into the saga, in a shocking turn of events, my (third person is pretentious) trusty steed, my umbrella,* tried to kill me! In a flash it collapsed! Drenching me with rain water and slicing up my hand. Within seconds my palm and fingers looked like I had decided to follow up wine tasting with a woodworking class.

My dripping hand got some looks from the passing québéquois, then again, I also gave looks- looks of admiration! At the time my mind was pretty focused on getting home, but even that did not prevent me from noticing the many québéquois I passed two-handedly holding their umbrellas against the wind while a cigarette perched gently between their lips. No-handed smoking is one of those things you wouldn’t think is exceptional until you see it. Now smoking is bad. Don’t smoke. However, there is something about old or fabulous frenchmen smoking without hands. I’m not saying it’s particularly attractive, but I just can’t help but smile in appreciation, it just seems culturally sound.

I can’t get this song out of my head. Like the rest of the world, I too am in love with Adele. This track is from her first album “19” which she recorded when she was… 19. Her new album came out this year, she recorded it two years later and it’s called “21.” Get it? …. Just in case you missed the memo on that one. This version of the track Best For Last is from the deluxe CD. There are a few different recordings, I like this one because you can hear the guitar line more clearly.

Best For Last by Adele

*It should be known that the umbrella in question is not actually mine, but one of my roommates’.

Dear Roommates, I will be interrogating you upon your return to make sure you were not an accomplice to your umbrella’s treachery.

P.S. I got blood on your umbrella.

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