One Month

Black and white bare tree at Hyde Park, London
Hyde Park trees, London

Huzzah! A month ago I went public with this blog and now I’ve had over a thousand hits…. I’m pretty sure only about half of those could have been my mother. Thank you all for checking out my stuff! Your feedback makes me ridiculously happy.

Guess who figured out how to embed a youtube video without the video?! Truthfully, it’s incredibly easy… computer code is so cool, you can do anything! Today’s selections were actually supposed to be one of my very first posts, but I couldn’t find the song on Soundcloud. Fortunately my magical non-visual-youtube discovery now opens up a whole new world of embedding opportunities!!! Huzzah!

I first heard tUnE-yArDs on a Blackberry Torch commercial. They used fiya from her debut album BiRd-BrAiNs. I think it was a great choice. In April this year tUnE-yArDs, aka Merrill Garbus, came out with another great and unconventional album: w h o k i l l. Her first single Bizness is all over the indie blogs, but here is Powa. I really dig listening to this one while I’m getting ready in the morning.

Powa by tUnE-yArDs

Magic! Huzzah!!

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