Mother, May I?

Mother Mother Concert in Mac store July 2011, Molly Guldemond

So far I’ve avoided listing a song by the same band twice, but yesterday I attended a free Mother Mother concert at the Apple Store in downtown Montreal (I know!) It was fantastic and deserving of a post. As I lined up alongside fellow music hipsters/snobs, cars on the street and passerbys stopped to ask “what’s the new gadget?” Our response that it was a concert upstairs by a group called ‘Mother Mother’ only served to increase their looks of confusion.

I’d like to point out that seeing a Mother Mother concert in the Apple Store I believe would still be “marginally acceptable” under the ‘Apple ad’ rule in entry #41 Indie Music on the site StuffWhitePeopleLike. Accordingly white people are allowed to like this music while retaining their anti-mainstream credentials.

The concert itself was great. About a hundred people on the second floor of the store, they had an elevated stage, album signing afterward and a dancing child on the table usually reserved for ipads. The Vancouver-based band mostly played songs from their newest album including The Stand which I featured in an earlier post: Jazz Fest Wanderers. Today I’m going to share my favourite Mother Mother song: Ghosting from their sophomore album O My Heart.

To hear Ghosting, click on track four, but I also thought it would be neat to share the rest of the album too as they’ve uploaded all their stuff.

Ghosting by Mother Mother…. and the rest of O My Heart


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