….And Now For Something Completely Different

Rolled up sound wires hanging on radio station wall

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s the pre-recording day of Total Eclipse of the Chart on cKut 90.3! The show, which plays tracks from the station’s most played albums from the past week, airs at 6am on Thursday- so we’re not so keen on doing it live. Last week we had a particularly strong set list. If you’re interested you can listen to September 29th’s show and hear me DJ with Karen R. The earlier show ran long, so you’ll hear some Shania before the intro to Total Eclipse.

Anyway, the closing song on this week’s Total was a track by Kids & Explosions. A Toronto DJ who is a self proclaimed “….  boy who makes songs by stealing other people’s songs and making them worse.” Kids & Explosions mixes compete opposites together- like Notorious B.I.G. and Sigur Rós, and just when you think he’s found the groove- he’ll throw in something else entirely and surprise us all. His album Shit Computer is available by donation on his website. Kids & Explosions mashups are incredible, but fair warning, not for everyone. For instance, he has one song called “Swear Words” which is indeed, just that. So….

… now for something completely different…

WARNING: Explicit.

Everything by Kids & Explosions

WARNING: EXPLICIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, if you get bored with the rap, please skip ahead to 1:20, because you have to hear the second half of the song.

There Is a Burning Ball of Fire in Outer Space by Kids & Explosions

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