Commuting Home

Gaia by Guy Liberté, photos from space in Montreal's Place des ArtsSo when you commute home from your job at 6:30am, do you get to bike through beautiful aerial shots? At the moment Montreal’s Promenade des Artistes is adorned with sixty spectacular photographs of earth and its waterways. They were taken by space tourist Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil, during his 2009 trip to the International Space Station. The images can also be found in his coffee table book Gaia. Proceeds from Gaia go towards his One Drop Foundation which supports access to safe water for the world today and tomorrow.

Anyway, last night, after a particularly hectic thirteen-and-a-half hour shift, I plugged in my headphones, selected my “Heartbeats & Backbeats” playlist and biked home through the Gaia exhibit just as dawn was breaking. It was breathtaking.

This song was the inspiration for the aforementioned playlist:

Heartbeats by José González

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