“Worse than….”

Looking through a snowy window at Montreal

Last night I arrived home from my 10 day trip in Paris and Scotland. It turns out I was just in time! I woke up at 6:30 this morning to find it had been snowing all night. It’s a magical day, that first day of snow. The world is all of sudden a completely different landscape- granted it is a landscape you’ll be tired of in five months- but for now, coupled with the newly strung Christmas lights around the city, it’s magical.

As enchanting as the snow is, it does not encourage me to go out and buy any much-needed groceries. As a result, I’ve spent my morning surviving on popcorn, earl gray tea and bakewell tarts while, breaking my own rule of no Christmas stuff before December 1st, watching Love, Actually. The title quote for this post is from the film and is said by this cutie when he says “worse than the total agony of being in love?” Makes me giggle every time: 

And for those of you who are not familiar with my favourite treat, cherry bakewells, these are what I’m trying to stop myself from eating at the moment (though, currently there are two fewer now than at the time this photo was taken… 20 minutes ago):

The song is used for Hugh Grant’s character, the British Prime Minister, while he’s dancing through the rooms of Number 10. “Jump! For my love!”

“Jump (For My Love)” by Girls Aloud (For those that know Girls Aloud- stop judging me and dance)

… and if I could cut the bridge in the last half of the song, I would.


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