Ready, Set… OK Go.

Balloons caught on St Catherine, Montreal

Today, music-video masters OK Go came out with a new video! This one clip quickly turned into a OK Go marathon.

The group’s videos, like their music, are super fun and awesomely quirky. At first their style was very DIY, filming and releasing their music clips themselves on YouTube- even though they were signed. OK Go gained particular attention after one of their videos, in which they performed a hilarious dance routine on eight treadmills, went viral in 2006. In these years following, the band has begun to collaborate with other artists to create large-scale creative pieces. Usually, the videos are made from one long-shot. It is outstanding work.

If you have not seen these inspired 4 minuteĀ masterpieces, the time has come (the walrus said.)

Don’t forget to pay attention how great the music is as well!

First we’ll start with today’s special. A shortened version of it will appear throughout tonight’s superbowl game…

“Needing/Getting” by OK Go

Treadmill action:

“Here It Goes Again” by OK Go

Some other favourites:
“All is Not Lost” by OK Go & Pilobolus

“This Too Shall Pass” (Rube Goldberg Machine version) by OK Go

“End Love” by OK Go

(Note: This video is one continuous 18-hour shot and that goose seen wandering around, apparently just really loved them and decided to hang around on its own accord.)

“White Knuckles” by OK Go

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