On Returning

Photographer reflection in Edinburgh

Hey… hi there… how’s it goin’?… Remember me?

It’s not the easiest thing to start posting again after eleven weeks. My online silence has been the result of offline chaos. There’s been a lot on my plate this spring, but I’m slowly but surely pulling everything together again and I hope to soon be back in a regular posting rhythm.

My busy life has also left little time for music foraging. The stuff I have managed to listen to this season has left me underwhelmed. There seems to be a big experimental trend in the indie scene right now- which I would usually be all for, but I don’t find the material very inspired. Thin beats and a spacey voice and all of a sudden it’s haute musique? Nah. Give me music with some soul or intellect or a hook.

Apart from these brief glimpses into the world of the freshly recorded, my day-to day music exposure has been left up to the devices controlled by coworkers, dance instructors and the DJ at Bar eXXXotique across the street. HIPHOP! Drake, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Tyga, Kanye, Drake, Rihanna, Rihanna and Drake have been the unsought soundtrack to my life these past few months. And surprisingly, I like the genre more now than I ever have before.

In honour of my newly found respect for the style, I’m going to embed a track I listened to on repeat while I packed up my apartment last month. So forgive my absenteeism, I promise that in the future I will, in the words of Flav, “kick the bass for them brothers and let [you] know WHAT GOES ON.”

“Harder Than You Think” by Public Enemy

For the less hiphop inclined, the instrumental version is fun and has a lot of funk.

“Harder Thank You Think (Instrumental)” by Public Enemy


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