Vancouver Lovin’

Rose Wine at Sunset

One year ago (less two and a half weeks) I posted about Moon Balloon and how she was floating her way across the country to brighten up the skies of Vancouver.

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting her, for a second time, in her beloved new city.

Three days ago it was her birthday. Happy Birthday Nams!

The photo above was surreptitiously snapped of the table beside us during our beachside dinner by English Bay. Nams particularly liked the sneakiness of this one.

What did we have for dinner? I’m so glad you asked! Lettuce wraps with pulled pork, kimchee, rice, hot sauce, chipotle, green onions and veggies. I should have snapped a shot when the meal first arrived- but it was too irresistible!  (Side note: my new roommate and I are super excited to make us some pulled pork. Did you know you can accomplish this by throwing meat and a can of root beer in a slow cooker?!)

It was Nams that first introduced me to Ed Sheeran. Apparently he’s huge in the UK. I particularly like the slow beat and no frills of this tune, it draws you into his relaxed pace.

“Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran

By a happy itunes accident, “Kiss Me” is immediately followed by the orchestral strings and musical talents of Mr. Pain on my itunes. Play immediately after to hear the same delicate pairing I hear every time…



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