One Year, One Hundred Doodledrops


Remember when we were kids, how birthday parties were always pushed to the weekend so your friends could all come over and dance the Macarena? We’re going to apply that same concept here. I took my blog public just over a year ago on June 5th, so a few days late, but regardless- let’s party like it’s 1995!

Coincidentally, it also happens to be my 100th snapshot and needle drop (or “doodledrop”) posted! The term doodledrop was coined this past weekend amongst wonderful food and better company. I like it. It’s going to stay.

The delightful treats above you ask? Monster Cupcakes! Made, with the help of Ms. Julia, for my weekend host’s birthday this past April.. They were a big hit- a monster smash. I’m sure the 1995-me would have appreciated them… as well as my pun.

Today’s song is a long-standing favourite (I actually just had to make sure I hadn’t already “dropped” it). It played at a friends house a few nights ago and it hasn’t left my head since, plus the band name suits the photo.

“Short Skirt/Long Jacket” by Cake


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