In the Sticks

Silhouette trees, river behind

I tend to have unrealistic expectations when a favourite band comes out with a new album. I’m always expecting to hear something that I both immediately love and is a big step away from their previous stuff. These things are rarely ever compatible. Fortunately, as these artists have already won my favour I stick it out for a few rounds on “repeat all.” For Mother Mother’s newest The Sticks, which is set to release tomorrow, it only took one additional listen before I was decidedly loving this new LP. And ding! ding! ding! the band, known for their distinct sound and wordsmithian lyrics, also took a risk and went a lot darker with this album.

With stalking guitar rifts and haunting vocals, Fall is absolutely the best time to be releasing The Sticks. Any number of these new songs feel like they could slide right into the track listing for a Twilight movie or teen slasher film- written with the utmost respect intended. As terrible as these films tend to be, the soundtracks can be amazing!

Mother Mother, like Stars, are using free streaming to market their new LP. Even though it’s not officially released until tomorrow, you can stream the whole album here:

Mother Mother put on a great show, I’ve been fortunate to have been to three of them. Check out posts about their earlier music and concert pics here and here. One thing you really get from seeing them live is a better visualization of their tri-tone harmonies. Here’s a fantastic performance they did for the CBC:

“Little Pistol” by Mother Mother

…and this is song that I currently have blasting through my headphones:

“Bit by Bit” by Mother Mother


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