Gracias a la Vida

Orange keds shoes under green tables

I have just returned from the most spectacular trip to Mexico for my cousin’s wedding. Everything was sensational. I still have the Mexican sun on my skin and hair and its sand in all my clothes and shoes. Mexico and I do have a give-and-take relationship however, and a part of me has been left there as well- flying around in what I’m sure is close to a thousand mosquitos.

This is merely one of 1305 photos I took, of which at least half are Snapshot-worthy as everything was so beautiful. Which means that even though I was only there for 10 days, I have the potential to not shut up about this trip for the next twelve years. Brace yourselves, it might just happen…

This song has been on the absolute heaviest of rotations on my ipod in the past two weeks. I listen to it multiple times a day, sometimes just on single-song repeat. It is seriously my jam. Singer/songwriter Dave Munro first ventured into songwriting while serving as an air traffic controller for the US Navy. He sent a few demos home to Boston and came back from his deployment to a outstanding number of fans. Through the website Kickstarter, the newly formed band raised over $12,000 to fund the recording of their first album Nordo which came out this past summer. Check out their website for more of their work.

“You Know Me” by Air Traffic Controller


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