We go where we don’t know the way.

Tall Australian grass, barbed wire fence, sunset

New look, new lands, new friends, new adventures.

The word ‘new’ has made itself a pretty permanent home in my list of everyday vocabulary. A new application, a new studio, a new routine, a new life chapter; fresh start this, blank slate that. It only seemed fitting that on this new side of my metaphorical leaf that I update the look of Doodledrops. I was never quite happy with the previous look anyway and if I’ve learnt something this year, it’s to do the small things that make you happy. Small happy things will start to equal a big happy person.

Back on the subject of ‘new.’ New means: consistently being outside your comfort zone.  New means: constantly pay attention. New means: always making an effort. New means: bringing a map wherever you go.

Seriously. Map. I feel like Dora the Explorer because I never go anywhere without Map. Dora the Explorer and MapA couple weeks ago I was biking (or ‘cycling’ rather) to dance class when I ended up in a completely different side of town. Friggin’ bike paths. They lead you into a false sense of security, you think you’ll end up exactly where you need to be at the end of one. Truthfully though, I was wiled by a family of roos who had be looking left at the moment my turnoff was right.

Kangaroos by SS&ND Canberra

Anyway, Map helped me get there in the end. These photos were taken on my way back from class that evening. The ride to the studio is spectacular. Well the ride back at least; the ride to class is an incredibly long, unrelenting incline. My ride home is a downhill bike flight at sunset through spanning grasslands teeming with wildlife. It always has me singing Toto’s “Africa” under my breath.

Crace Nature Reserve Grasslands Canberra

Maybe I shouldn’t be singing Toto though: it’s not like I need another excuse to sing about the Serengeti. Does it not seem like that song creeps its way into your life at least once every three months or so?

Anyway- “Wild Country” is what I should be singing. Apart from being nominally suitable, it has a catchy, soothing chorus perfect for post-dance sunset rides through nature.

I also recommend you take listen to “Gold,” released last November. It is also on the Wild Country EP released on January 29th.

“Wild Country” by Wake Owl

I bless the raaains down in Aaaaafricaa…….


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