Top Shots 2013

Close up kangaroo top photos from 2013It’s that time of year again guys and gals, a time to be inundated with the years best this, that and the other. For the second year in a row, Snapshots and Needle Drops is jumping onto this short nostalgia train to countdown our favourite Shots and Drops from 2013.

Today the Shots.

This year we asked followers of our Facebook page to vote on their favourite pics from the past twelve months. I found the results somewhat surprising. I am generally proud of all the photos I put up on SS&ND, but my standout favourites were not as popular with others. Perhaps I am biased as I know which ones were more difficult to get or were the stroke of pure serendipitous luck. To each their own.

I am grateful for everyone’s feedback, it has been incredibly useful with helping me decide which of my precious little pics will make the top ten list this year. I’ve stuck firm on my top two and I made some judgement calls near the end, but popular vote swayed the rest.

Check out last years favourites here: Hot Shots of 2012

Happy New Year from Snapshots and Needle Drops!

Top Shots from 2013:

10. We go where we don’t know the way
Tall Australian grass, barbed wire fence, sunset

9. Moos and Grooves, part one
The Temper Trap Groovin the Moo Canberra

8. Brighten My Corner
Merchant City Glasgow fairy lights squareMerchant City Glasgow fairy lights square

7. Slow Blow
Sydney night reflections

6. 2004 Nostalgie
hot air balloon preparing to take off reflection water

5. Happiness: Rhythmicized
Men running on beach, English Bay, Vancouver

4. The Clock that Mocks
Clock at Musee D'Orsay looking out over Paris, Sacre Coeur

3. Mashup Mania
Sunglasses lake double exposed summer

2. That Expectately, Unexpected Sound
Sparkling water silhouette Muskoka shadow dog

1.  Old Pine
fog over BC mountains, birds, Mission, Fraser Valley

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