2004 Nostalgie

hot air balloon preparing to take off reflection water
I’m thinking it’s a sign, that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they’re perfectly aligned.

hot air balloon festival from below, looking up

Inspired by Zach Braff’s latest Kickstarter campaign, I got cozy and watched Garden State this weekend. The soundtrack transported me back to my early high school days, exploring indie music for the first time. Coldplay, Andrew Murdoch, The Shins and most notably– Iron & Wine’s cover of “Such Great Heights.”

Covers are strange, 98% of them don’t come close to the epic-ness of the original (and it if wasn’t an epic to begin with, is it worth covering?) Though, much like the amazing cover The Postal Service themselves do of “Against All Odds”, Iron & Wine hit it home with “Such Great Heights.” It is especially brilliant because I like it as much as the original, yet doesn’t take anything away from it. Both renditions stand firmly on their own.

Here to have their take on this indie classic is Joy Kills Sorrow. Virtuoso strings abound! Check it out:

“Such Great Heights” by Joy Kills Sorrow

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