Running Royals: City2Surf 2013

City2Surf 2013, jogging crowdsJust me and 84,999 of the world’s other coolest people.

City2Surf! City2Surf! This weekend was City2Surf! This event, the world’s largest timed race, takes its runners from the heart of Sydney to Bondi Beach: 85,000 participants, 14 kilometers and a whole lot of amazing and hilarious sights in between. Favourite moments include the plentiful costumes, KISS tribute band, kids screaming you on, impromptu YMCA jog-dancing, stunning views of Sydney harbour at the top of “Heartbreak Hill” and soaring across that finish line.

Best run, hands down. Will not be my last City2Surf- gotta beat that PB! That Personal Best!

Though there was no need for music on this course, I am sending through a song that has just been added to the beginning of my running playlist this month. It’s pretty popular here in Australia, but from what I can make out it hasn’t hit North America in a big way yet. My enjoyment of this song grew in an exponential manner. At first listen, I thought it was was alright. The second, a few days later, had me thinking it was pretty cool and different. A couple hours after that, the third, had me singing along. And the fourth quickly fed into the fifth, sixth and seventh as it was repeat-central for the next few days.

“Royals” by Lorde

I don’t usually put photos of myself up, but what the hell. Here are some shots from the absolute favourite of all my stalkers. Thanks S!

From City…

City2Surf crowd waiting to start 2013 City2Surf crowd waiting to start 2013

… to surf

Wading into the water at Bondi Beach after City2Surf 2013Resting on Bondi Beach after City2Surf


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