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In movies and TV shows, there is a trope that, if properly executed, can be utterly charming, and if poorly handled, can be the most grating thing in the world, and that is the oft-used character of the Wise Beyond Her Years Child.

In the movie 500 Days of Summer, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character seeks life advice from his kid sister, played by a pre-teen Chloë Grace Moretz, as she waxes philosophical from the sidelines of her soccer game. At first, I rolled by eyes at the concept and thought: “This is so played-out. I’ve seen this plot device a thousand times. Like I’m supposed to believe that a grown man would turn to his much-younger sister for help sorting out his quarter-life crisis?”

Then I stopped myself short. “Wait, Emily. If you flip the genders here, and it’s a big sister turning to her younger brother for advice, isn’t that basically your relationship with Adam?” And it’s true. My brother and I are a trope, come to life!

This summer, I had one of my usual “Where is my life going, what does it all mean?” moments. So I instinctively fired off an email to Adam, as per usual.

In perfect Wise Beyond His Years Younger Brother fashion, he replied: “Your problem is called growing up. It happens to everyone. I know this – from experience. The experience…OF LIFE. As Lizzie Powell of Land of Talk put it, ‘sometimes growing up, it can get you down.’ But it’s okay. P.S. This video is totally Doodledrops worthy.”

And he attached the song that I’m featuring today on Snapshots and Needle Drops (aka Doodledrops), which is Land of Talk’s “It’s Okay.”

I have listened to this song countless times and it never fails to move me. The video is stunning and was nominated for Video of the Year at the 2010 Junos. While we usually feature recent tracks here on SS&ND, I think this song – and for that matter, Land of Talk – never got the proper attention it so rightfully deserves.

If you don’t feel something when Elizabeth Powell powerfully quavers, “Goodbyes are hard, and they’re hard, and they’re hard,” then you are made of stone.

“It’s Okay” by Land of Talk

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