Tickle Me Pink: Color Run Canberra

Tickle Me Pink: Color Run CanberraTickle Me Pink: Color Run CanberraTickle Me Pink: Color Run Canberra Tickle Me Pink: Color Run Canberra
The Color Run Canberra

On Sunday I was FINALLY in the same place as a Color Run. That’s the trouble with all this traveling around- I’m never in one spot long enough to wait for these things to come around. Fortunately, I knew I’d be returning to Canberra for the pleasure of having coloured cornstarch hurled at me.

The Color Run has long been a bucket list item for me. It was my first real motivation for being able to run a 5k. Two years of city-hopping later (and after having already run a 14km race), I did it.

It was a fun morning, but required excellent dodge and weaving skills from us runners. I would say about 75% of the people participating actually just walked it from start to finish. It might be better if there was more space between the staggered starts, or if the runners were allowed to start first. Having said this, I do think it is a brilliant way to get people excited and involved in exercise- hell, I just told you about how it motivated me before I had even participated it one. There were lots of kids around, groups of friends, families- getting all sorts of people excited- and the Color party at the end was a blast (re: photos above).

Overall, it was a pretty great way to spend a Sunday morning.

Between The Color Run, the Olympics and dance classes, there have been lots of things getting me inspired to move.

With a Passion Pit vibe, Pacific Air shares with us “Move” which I’m going to describe as being in the ‘infectious atmospheric indie pop’ genre because I’m pretentious like that.

“Move” by Pacific Air

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