Night of Triffids

Triffid Garden Night Fest Floriade CanberraTriffid Garden Night Fest Floriade Canberra Triffid Garden Night Fest Floriade CanberraNigh Fest Canberra Triffid GardenNightfest, Floriade, Canberra, ACT

Has anyone read The Night Circus?

Author Erin Morgenstern depicts a magical world, hidden in plain view of Victorian England. Her writing illustrates a traveling, black-tented circus that only opens at night. Using magic (unbeknownst to the naïve and stunned 19th century English), the Night Circus travels around, creating a phantasmagorical oasis from whatever frosted barley fields it pops up from.

This was what Nightfest was like; a temporary mix of flora and illumination coming together to amaze children and adults alike. Fire breathers, mimes and jugglers with florescent props performed in a spaces lit from glowing orbs, while Floriade’s intricately planted tulips, pansies and hyacinths were accentuated from spotlights and the dancing light from the overseeing Ferris wheel (photo below).

My favourite attraction was the Triffid Garden. Large, fabric sculptures of the carnivorous flowers were suspended in an alleyway of trees. Smoke machines, flashing lights and music helped compete the impacting scene while we all walked through… iPhones held high.

Not much to say about this tune. I just like it.

“Hurricane” by MS MR

Ferris Wheel Night Fest Floriade Canberra

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