Just the Shots – 2012

December 2012

Molly Guldemond, Mother Mother concert, Kool Haus, Toronto Dec 1, 2012 Ryan and Molly Guldemond Mother Mother Concert, Kool Haus Toronto Dec 1, 2012 Fortune Cookie reads: It's now or never mouse ornament, closeup, christmas bulb reflection, silver Hot Shots of 2012 by SS&ND Top 10 songs from 2012

November 2012

Orange keds shoes under green tables country road sign, distorted colours Spotlights exhibit Montreal Place des Arts, Quartier des Spectacles close up ice covered twig, icicle
Ice around twig, ice crystals, close up, leaves, snow

October 2012

Airport blinds at Toronto Pearson, YYZ Keyhole at Holyrood Palace in EdinbrughKeyhole looking through to Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh Stack of sweaters Pont des arts et Institut de France, silhouette
Floating Heads by Sophy Cave, Kelvingrove, Glasgow

September 2012

Brilliant red roses, close up Espace Go Theatre loading dock, graffiti mural, black and white Silhouette trees, river behind The Lumieers, Farm, fall, blue sky

August 2012


July 2012


MarchMay and June 2012

Blurry Vancouver Lights at night   

February 2012

    Dog jumping in snow Parisian Catacomb Skulls

January 2012


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