A Gothic Easter

This photo is a little smaller than usual. A computer mishap a couple years ago left me with smaller versions of my photographs from a year abroad and, try as I might, they could not be  returned to their original quality.

This particular image is from the main square in Prague- all dressed up for Easter weekend. Although incredible touristy, the Old Town Square is a great place to loiter. In April the air still has a slight chill so, like many other European cities, the soul-warming smell of roasted chestnuts and barbecued sausages waft through the visitors wandering through the square’s vendors and petting zoos. Wooden toys, hand-painted easter eggs, candles, crystals and traditional candy are all sold in the shadows of the gothic churches around the market who boisterously chime away the hours. Yes, it’s all sickly sweet… That is until an awesome old Czech man takes you and your three friends on an incredible tour of all the best local pubs. Prague is unbelievable. Go if you can. End of story.

I spent most of this morning editing an interview my friend took with frontman Honus Honus from the band Man Man. He is hilarious. Favourite quote from the interview? When asked to describe his sound he says he usually inquires about the asker’s favourite band: “… and if they say like: Barenaked Ladies, then I’ll be like… well it’s like Barenaked Ladies… but… buried alive… and there’s a microphone in the box… played Elton John music and you can hear search dogs in the distance… and it tastes like a cupcake.”

After listening to this interview countless times I am going to honour Honus Honus’ wishes and avoid describing the music myself. Here is Life Fantastic, the title track from the album released earlier this month.

Life Fantastic by Man Man

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