The Beautiful Théâtre Corona

Théatre Corona entryway foyer

Le Théâtre Corona is a beautiful concert hall in Montréal. It was built in 1912 for screening silent movies with a pit orchestra to provide accompanying music. Today, if you go down to the stage you can see the outline of where the pit used to extend out towards the audience. Apparently the theatre was a huge hit in the first half of the century, but in the 1960s it fell into the hands of the city. Under the banner of urban renovation, The Corona was threatened with demolition, with ironic fortune however, the theatre was forgotten about and left neglected for decades. That is until 1998 when it was renovated and reopened as a concert hall. I can’t explain just how awesome it is to see a modern band rocking out surrounded by the Corona’s faded original décor.

Full disclosure? I originally wanted to put the Damien Rice song Older Chests to this photo, but Warner Brothers Music seems to have his stuff LOCKED DOWN and I couldn’t embed it. However, this morning I woke to an email about The Wooden Birds’ newest album “Two Matchsticks” which is coming out June 7th. I listened to the whole track list and they are fantastic. The Wooden Birds are going on tour this summer and will be performing at Casa Del Popolo in Montréal on July 11th. Here is the title track from the album:

Two Matchsticks by the Wooden Birds

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