A Street Side Cellist

busking street cellist in MontrealI took this photo a few hours ago and couldn’t resist sharing. I love Montreal. I love that on my walk home from work I pass by people like this cellist. The cello also just happens to be my favourite instrument.

When I took this photo he had just started playing the very recognizable prelude from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Cello Suite no. 1. If you haven’t heard the piece, it might still seem familiar to you as there are a few popular songs that use very similar phrasing. For example, the cello line in OneRepublic’s Secrets, which I also associate with the piano line in Adele’s Someone Like You. Maybe I’m stretching it, but I don’t think I am… anyway, music for thought.

My street side cello man played Bach so beautifully that I think it would be unfitting to pair it with anything else. So, for your aural delight, the best recording of Prelude to Cello Suite no. 1 I could find on SoundCloud…

Prelude to Cello Suite no. 1 composed by Johann Sebastian Bach

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