Woods and Lemonade

Good Morning!

The song is Lemonade by Braids. Although they are now in Montreal, so a couple of their members could attend McGill, Braids got started in their high school in Calgary. I wish I was that cool in high school. My ‘band’ was a 40 person choir ensemble that seemed to sing most of our stuff in Latin or Swahili. I also happened to be the president of it… so yeah, I guess you could say I was pretty cool.

Lemonade by Braids


  1. Haha! Thanks! You’re pretty cool yourself.

    Funny you should mention that forest being ‘magic’. If you were standing at that exact spot and did a 180, you’d see about fifty people participating in their weekly LARP- that is Live Action Role-Playing (think Dungeons & Dragons) for those out of the loop. I heard a story once about a bunch of hipster kids (the park is beside a very artsy neighbourhood in Montreal) who decided to join in one day. Apparently the regulars LOVED it. The LARP clans pretended that the hipsters were zombies and banded together to fight off the attack!

    This post just radiates coolness to the max.

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