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Close up Aviators

Last June I wrote about Bahamas, a Torontonian artist who’s real name was (and still is, actually) Afie Jurvanen. I’ve since learnt that Mr. Jurvanen was actually raised in my hometown of Barrie, Ontario! That is crazy. Do you know who comes from Barrie? Hockey players, figure skaters, Stockwell Day, that girl from Radio Free Roscoe, and now Bahamas. What an addition!

As I said last June, Bahamas’ first album is filled with easygoing songs that are short and sweet, like an early Beatles track. The sophomore album Barchords is darker, with more downhearted (yet also hopeful) lyrics; but still he retains the simple musical textures characteristic of the first album.

I know I’m influenced by his moniker, but whenever I hear Bahamas’ music I always seem to picture a few musicians laying around, casually jamming together on the porch of a weather-worn beach house. It’s an easy, breezy vibe.

It is going to be another two song post, my friends.

From Pink Strat, my wine-by-the-pool track, “Sunshine Blues” by Bahamas

And from Barchords, a song that legend k.d. lang tweeted as ‘gorgeous’ the other day: “Lost in the Light” by Bahamas

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