Vamps from Ipa’hema’

wave crashing against water-smoothed tree on Mexican beach
Tulum (Mexico) beach at sunrise

D’ya get it? Vamps from Ipahema. Judge me all you want, but I am shamefully proud of that title.

Now that the incredible Osheaga lineup has been announced- even though there is next-to-nil chance I’ll be attending this year- bands will subsequently fall into one of two camps: those that are playing at Osheaga and those that are not. Today we feature Vampire Weekend who are not only playing in Parc-Jean Drapeau this summer, but are also back after a three-year hiatus* with a full-length album!  The LP: Modern Vampires in the City is due out May 7th. Yesterday they released a double A-side single: “Diane Young/Step.”

These first tracks give us few hints at what the album will sound like. Both different from their last album Contra: “Diane Young” has been compared to a Postal Service remix of 50’s Elvis, while “Stay” takes the subdued route of a typical “B-side.” Both are a bit obscure, infectious and ripe with Caribbean flare- reminding you that you are listening to Vampire Weekend after all. (Yes, yes: Ipanema is in Brazil, not the Caribbean- shut it.)

“Diane Young” by Vampire Weekend

“Step” by Vampire Weekend

*Let us not forget such gifts as Rostam Batmanglij’s Carly Rae Jepsen/Annie Lennox remix


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