Moos and Grooves: Part Twos

The adventure continues! After our first three acts, we decided that it wasn’t absolutely necessary to be in the crowd for Alpine. So we went out to pasture. Pas de <<moshing.>>

SILENT DISCO. Amazing. You are given headphones and then get to flick back and forth between two live DJs vying for your aural attention. Most often one DJ would come out on top ie. when one played “Thrift Shop” or “Jump Around” (second playing of House of Pain that day- so ch’yeah… it was a great day). But in the moments when the crowd was split, you could switch off your headphones and hear the joy of half of us howling Gotye and the other bellowing Rihanna. Priceless. We danced like lunatics for at least an hour.

Tame Impala Tame Impala live at Groovin the Moo Canberra Australia

To be completely honest with you, I’ve never really gotten super into these guys like every other Urban Outfitter frequenter. They were enjoyable and it is always awesome to see big acts play a home venue. Moving on.

I do dig this song though:

“Solitude is Bliss” by Tame Impala

Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara Groovin the Moo Canberra

Canadian indie pop royalty. Sisters Tegan and Sara were so excellent and so modest and gracious. It was adorable. It was also so Canadian. The girls around me screamed out every lyric, making me feel ashamed I have not caught up with their latest stuff. Sad face.

“Closer” by Tegan and Sara

The Kooks

The Kooks Groovin the Moo Canberra

What can I say about The Kooks? They make having a cold sound fun… or heartbreaking, depending on the song. Seriously though, the lead singer, Luke Pritchard’s signature tone is this nasally vibe that sounds like he’s suffering from a sinus infection. No judgement, the sound in recognizable, as is the way Luke jumps around the stage with Jagger-like swagger and charisma. The set was a blast, we all moved in our own ways.

“You Don’t Love Me” by The Kooks

The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap Groovin the Moo Canberra

Always a pleasure. I saw them live in Montreal, but was such a treat to see this Australian band play on Aussie soil. Sweet Disposition brought the house down, as it always does, but it was absolutely incredible to hear it in the cool night air under the starts.

“I’m Gonna Wait” by The Temper Trap

Caught the end of Example’s set after TTT but didn’t grab a great shot. Boo-urns. The end.

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