Canadian Gold

Gold maple leaf on pavement


I spent this Canada Day’s eve as a happy little ex-pat: baking maple cookies, wearing red flannel and unabashedly, albeit ironically, belting out Sloan lyrics– “One thing I know about the rest of my life… I KNOW THAT I’LL BE LIVING IT IN CANADA”.  And, while I imagined you all drinking beer on the dock and enjoying your day off, I was toiling away at my desk– not-so-secretly sporting a CANUCK tshirt under my blazer.

Classic Canadiana: “The Rest of My life” by Sloan

In honour of my beloved country I am releasing the first genre/mood-specific playlist on SS&ND! Of course it’s on Canadian music. I think countries have signature sounds: while the US has hiphop, the UK has pop and Australia has folk, I associate the overall Canadian sound with rock. We are a rock nation.

Of course there are hundreds of bands that defy those generalities, not the least of which is this next track.

Canadians: “if you got two toonies in your pocket and you ride the rocket, put ’em up'” —  have you heard this?!

This one is strictly for the lolz.

“Black Trudeau (Prime Minster Rap)” by Maestro Fresh Wes

I have so much respect for anyone that can fit George Stroumboulopoulos and René Lévesque into their rhymes. ALSO, I know Maestro was like this huge 90s MC, but I will always know him as Darius, owner of G-Major. Mega points if you know what I’m talking aboot.

Anyway, here it is! All the tracks by Canadian artists that have ever been put up on Snapshots and Needle Drops… plus some extras. And yes, it does strike a heavy Mother Mother and Stars punch. Enjoy:


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