Carry Me Home… to my Australian Christmas

Christmas lights palm tree

Now excuse me for getting sentimental with you all, but Christmas is a time for family. Whether with your own homegrown kin, or some hand-selected, family-like creatures of your own choosing, it’s always wise to have fellows around to be merry and to save you from eating all the cake.

As regular followers know, the past three months have lead my passive wanderlusting-self away from my norm to work on a farm in South Australia. A scenic break and a welcomed detour– I loved my time in SA, but with Christmas coming it was time to pack up my bags, Mary Poppins-style, and take the winds back home to my Australian family on the coast.

Although of course I miss my nuclear fam (hi mom!), Christmas with the aussie cousins is quite an excellent affair. Good conversation, warm beaches, boating adventures, delicious food– all with a chilled glass of white in hand, it’s not too shabby for Vappzy.

The song is “Carry Me Home” by Hey Rosetta! A Canadian favourite of SS&ND, featured in the popular post “There’s no lions!” I’ve been waiting a year to share this song with you all. It is particularly apt this year as I am experiencing my first non-white Christmas (apart from the non-Christmas Christmas I had in Muslim-faithed Tunisia). For me, there is not much scenically to “say it’s Christmas eve.” It is however, my first December I haven’t come home “through Montreal” in six years. Alright, stop stretching and play the damn song? Yep. Righto.

Happy Holiday readers!! Stay tuned for Hot Shots and Top of the Drops 2013!!!!

“Carry Me Home” by Hey Rosetta!


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