Treasure Hunting

TreasureHunting by SS&NDThe Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

A few weeks ago, I wrote briefly about a trip my friend Matt and I took to Kangaroo Island. Matt and I make the perfect travel companions. We’re relaxed, adventurous, spontaneous, and we like climb all over shit.

One big hangup we had about visiting Kangaroo Island is that most people do it in a day or two. A DAY OR TWO??! We had a full week there and felt like we had just managed to do everything right. We’d see these daytrippers (one-way ticket, yeah) all around, running out of the bus, leaping down to whatever mind-blowing sight they were shuttled up to for a few short minutes, before being corralled back. It works out to about 12 hours of travel time for the day– for a few rushed shots of some sea lions and rocks.

On our way down to The Remarkable Rocks, Matt and I stopped to take in the stunning view. Shortly, one of these Tourists ‘R’ Us coach buses whizzed past by. In unison, we moaned, looked at one another and then shrugged: “So we wait five minutes.” Sure enough, by the time we drove down and parked, the bus was on its way out.

Beach and BeersI don’t understand this type of travel. It’s like check boxes: beaches- check, sea lions- check, rocks- check.

Yeah… but did you have the locals’ favourite whiting burger while sitting on those pristine, yet puzzlingly empty, beaches drinking a beer? Did you see how utterly hilarious sea lions are? Did you crawl underneath these monolithic monsters and freak yourself RIGHT out?

Otherwise, I feel like you might as well save your money and look up pictures of the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall and Minnesota’s big ball of twine on the internet.

Remarkable Rocks

Freaking under the remarkable rocks

Anyway, the inspiration for this blog post was not about the adventure hunting Matt and I did in South Australia, though there is more to come. It actually came from stumbling around my iTunes and coming across this gem, downloaded in 2011, that I had never heard before.

My iTunes shuffle has been a roll lately. Man, I love music. This is a pensive piece, good as both background and foreground music.

“Don’t Think” by Radioseven

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