Osheaga Playlist 2014

Fans by the concert stage barricade
Three fans mourn the end of Metric’s set while The Black Keys rock out 50ft to their left.

As Canadians outside Montreal are becoming increasingly aware, for the August long-weekend there is nowhere else to be but Parc Jean-Drapeau. Starting the year before I moved to Montreal in 2006, the Osheaga Festival Musique et Arts has really exploded in the last few years, reaching 135,000 attendees in 2013 (apparently 70% from outside Québec)- practically busting out into the Saint Lawrence River.

Today, Osheaga organizer’s released the lineup for 2014. Once again it looks to be a killer year, but the dwindling of Canadian and francophone acts is noticeable. Where previous years have featured Arcade Fire, Tegan and Sara, Metric, Broken Social Scene, City and Colour, Stars, etc., Sam Roberts is probably the most reputable canuck act on the list and he barely scraps into the mid-sized font. Interesting move.

Anyway, for your convenience, entertainment and to feed my own self-denial that I will actually make it this year, I’ve made a playlist of choice Osheaga 2014 acts– both in 8tracks and Spotify. Enjoy.

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