The Whole Wide World is Whistling

TheWholeWideWorldisWhistlingKingscote Pier, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

One of the absolute greatest weeks of this fabulous past year was the time I spent on Kangaroo Island with my friend Matt. Our days were jam-packed with adventure and our stupid, incredibly nerdy, humour.

I took this photo within our first hour of arriving. We drove straight to the pier at sunset, walked right up to some pelicans, took a few pics, spotted a stingray, had beers with this fisherman and played with his pups.

Pelican on rock

Our new friend told us about some sea lions on the other side of the harbour. We thought they had left, but as we came right up to the jetty and could peer over the other side we found them directly beneath us– not 5 feet away. Matt and I gasped, looked at each other, retreated and freaked the f*** out.

New Zealand Sea Lion
Hey buuuuddy, why you gotta eat all the penguins?

Life is good when you’re wandering through the world.

I’ve been music hunting like mad the past couple hours trying to find a tune that would compete with the stellar artists in last week’s Top Drops 2013 post. Turns out it was hella difficult. Today’s track is AMAZING and so much fun. It’s been popular on the blogosphere in the last year, so this is really just to make sure you all are in on this particular Swedish loop.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again– no one does indie pop like the Swedes: Icona Pop, The Sounds, Robyn, Miike Snow, I’m from Barcelona, Koop, the list goes on. Nonono are a much anticipated band for 2014 who’s debut album will come out mid-February.

During a quest to sort the unique from the increasingly formulaic indie music, Nonono are a breath of fresh air.

“Pumpin Blood” by Nonono

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