Remix Artists Collective

concert hands at Groovin the Moo
Groovin the Moo, 2013

“Have you heard this song before?”

Snapshots and Needle Drops’ Emily (WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK) is oh so much more than a fantastic contributor: Emily often serves as my eyes and ears back in North America.

My main audience for this blog are in Canada and the US, though the number of visitors from the UK and Australia are also growing. It can be incredibly difficult to write across the globe for an audience who occupy a completely different soundscape than you. What’s on the radio? What’s on TV? What artist works their way from some basement in Halifax to your iTunes? I HAVE NO IDEA ANYMORE.

All this to say is that when I heard this song, it felt very familiar and I didn’t know if that was because it was popular- and if so: locally? globally?- or if I just listen to a lot of music and/or am crazy. Emily seems to lean towards the latter.

RAC, standing for Remix Artists Collective, make their name by layering indie-rock/pop artists, like Tegan and Sara and Tokyo Police Club, with danceable rhythms and unanticipated drops. Unlike other DJs however, RAC leaves behind the precise technical beats in lieu of “a unique aesthetic based around emotion and nuance, an almost intangible warmth and innate playfulness.”

“Let Go” by RAC ft. Kele, MNDR




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