Top Shots 2014

Top Shots 2014

Once again, I called for open voting on the year’s best Snapshots, and once again I am fairly surprised by the results.

I touched on this last year, but I think this is because I know which photos took the most skill, which were the most opportune and– on the flip side– which did not turn out the way I wanted them to.

2014’s best shots were largely selected by fans of the Snapshots and Needle Drops facebook page. There was one photo I’ve given a more favourable position to than it was voted, two were dismissed, and after that, I was merely the tie-breaker.

Emily features prominently in this post for her photographic work. Once again showing what stellar quality of work she brings to the site.

As this is a photography post, I’m going to shut up now and let the photos do the talking. But before I do, I want to thank you all again for your continued support of this blog. SSND will enter its fourth year in 2015 and I could not have kept it up (however sporadically) without you all.

V xox

10. To Drain the Whole Sea
Photo: Victoria Appleby


9. Remix Artists Collective
Photo: Victoria Appleby

concert hands at Groovin the Moo

8. Lost Giraffe
Photo: Victoria Appleby

Pink petals in pond, water droplets

7. We Know the Moves
Photo: Emily Kingsland

West Block

6. The Great Wide Somewhere
Photos: Emily Kingsland


P1020456Globe-Library cropped

5. The Gloaming
Photo: Emily Kingsland
Edited by: Victoria Appleby

Looking up at tree at night, Montreal

4. The Secret Life of Vappz
Photo: Victoria Appleby

Mussles on bottle drifted ashore from ocean

3. The Tree of Love
Photo: Emily Kingsland

tree of love

2. Ria Sia
Photo: Victoria Appleby

Toronto Pearson Airport at dawn

1. Blogiversary – Snapshots Turns 3!
Photo: Victoria Appleby

Canberra Skyfire- big fireworks celebration

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