The Secret Life of Vappz

Mussles on bottle drifted ashore from oceanSunrise, Tulum, Mexico

Have you seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? I recommend it. I believe it was written for me and a handful of my friends: travel, photography and music are the films three great strengths.

My secret life is not-so-secret to those of you who follow Snapshots. I have been very fortunate with travel opportunities, which is reflected in my photography. What is more of a secret is what I manage to get up to between snapping shots…

A lot of people have bucket lists– this film had me add 1) Cycle around Iceland and 2) Hike to Everest base camp to mine– but I also feel one should write down their amazing accomplishments and experiences. For a taste, I’m grateful mine would include: traveling across the Tunisian Sahara on camel-back “comme les bédouins”, helping just-hatched turtles find their way into the Mexican Gulf, commandeering a 9th century viking ship replica through Nordic waters, living in a different language, running the largest participant race in the world….

Like I said, the music for the Secret Life of Walter Mitty was flawless. No music supervisor ever seems to go wrong using “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire, an almost an 9-year-old song now, it’s so euphoric.

Speaking of euphoric, José González– whom we love from “Heartbeats” and is yet another Swede— both worked with composer Theodore Shapiro to produce the film’s score as well as contributed a number of tunes to the soundtrack. Although I know him as a slow indie folk artists, he provides “Step Out”, the elated anthem of the film.

“Step Out” by José González

And for a little more classic José….

“Stay Alive” by José González


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