Close to the Cold Coast

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I’m very excited to be Snapshots & Needle Drops’ first guest blogger! Many thanks to Vappz, who is currently driving somewhere along the Australian coast, about to embark on a springtime fruit-picking adventure.

Right now Montreal is experiencing that wonderful brief window when you wake up in the fall, spend your day in the summer, and go to bed in the fall again. It’s beautiful and warm, but there’s a certain crispness in the air. People are going out of their way to soak up the sun, knowing that it’s fleeting, and that at any moment, it will be cold and dark.

Few bands are able capture this transitional period. But Secret Sun’s “Cold Coast” is right on the money. This is a classic end of summer song – boppy and electro-poppy enough for breezy days, but with a cool, nostalgic, ‘80s feel to it.

You can catch the Montreal-based duo this coming Saturday during our annual, beloved indie musical festival, Pop Montreal. They’ll be opening for Thus:Owls in a most inspired choice of venues: Ubisoft’s rooftop terrace, in the heart of Mile End.

“Cold Coast” by Secret Sun


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