The Nature of a Renaissance Girl

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It is my pleasure to be back with yet another SS&ND guest blog!

Oh Land’s “Renaissance Girls” is like an updated version of No Doubt’s “Just a Girl”; a 21st century tongue-in-cheek take on femininity – short bangs and all!

If the mid-90s were about ironically playing on the “dumb blonde” stereotype (in addition to Gwen Stefani, we had Buffy and Cher Horowitz , to name a few), the 2010s have been about addressing the expectation that girls be all things to all people. Oh Land sums it up perfectly: “I’m real independent / Doing the laundry and planning for the future / It’s the nature of a renaissance girl.”

As with Oh Land’s previous work – which Snapshots covered back in 2011 – this is an incredibly catchy tune that I’ve been humming all week long. And best of all, the video features choreographed dancing, so I know Vappz will approve.

“Renaissance Girls” by Oh Land

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