The Main

Sunset through St Laurant, Montreal, street fair

The Main is the nickname for boulevard Saint Laurent in Montréal. This street is the heartline from which everything stems from in the city. You are either west or east of Saint Laurent, and historically it was also the unofficial demarkation between English or French. This 18th century road has been referred to as “The Main” for hundreds of years, as it was the principle path up through the city from the old port. This fact is according to Shwartz’s, The Musical which a) existed, b) was awesome and they handed out free sandwiches.

The first time I heard the voice of  young singer Cœur de Pirate, it was from live recordings of a concert in Paris. Her vocal quality is just as good live is it is recorded.  Wonderful tone.

“Saint Laurent” by Cœur de Pirate

The photo above was taken during the Saint Laurent Street Fair this past summer.

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