The Clock that Mocks

Clock at Musee D'Orsay looking out over Paris, Sacre Coeur

“Time goes, you say? Ah, no! alas, time stays, we go.” – Henry Austin Dobson
Looking out through the clock at the Musée D’Orsay, best museum in the world, at Paris’ 1st Arrondissement and on towards Sacré-Cœur.

Time is making a fool of my plans. I cannot believe it’s Monday/post-day already! It’s been Australia Day celebrations-this and sightseeing-that… Anyway I was a bit under-prepared for this week’s entry so you’re getting some standby favourites. The photo was taken from inside my all-time favourite museum, the Musée d’Orsay, while the song is a track I can always groove to.

You might recognize this song, RJD2 is often used in advertising campaigns, films and TV shows. Fun fact:  RJD2’s “A Beautiful Mine” is the theme song for Mad Men.

“Ghostwriter” by RJD2

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